Inji Iduppazhagi - Movie Review: Anushka Proves Her Mettle Once Again
The movie is a fast-paced, humorous, feel-good one that will warm your heart, but may not become a major hit |Mukesh Venu
On Nov 28, 2015


Anushka Shetty has proved before that she is more than just a pretty face and through Inji Iduppazhagi, the actor proves it once again. Infact, the pretty face in the movie is Arya as 'Abhi' who plays the hero. Sweety (Anushka), with her weight problems and craving for jilebis, carries the entire movie mostly by herself.

And the movie turns out to be quite good as well. The story revolves around the frustrations surrounding an overweight girl and her attempt to find happiness being herself, though being continuously nagged by her mother (Urvasi) to lose weight so as to get married.

There aren't any big jokes in the movie for the viewer to laugh out aloud. But the story moves without a drag in a humorous manner and the limited length of the movie (2 hours) also helps. Prakash Raj is also there, and he is the villain, but his role is limited and it is fair to say the actor has been underutilised in Inji Iduppazhaki.

There are songs and none of them are great. It also kind of hurts seeing Arya playing second fiddle to Anushka, though the actor should be praised for keeping his ego out of the equation for the sake of the story.

The biggest plus point about Inji Iduppazhaki is Anushka herself. Her portrayal as 'Sweety' is lively, energetic and convincing.

Master Bharath plays her younger brother and the chemistry between the two is just as sweet as Sweety herself. Sonal Chauhan as the ultra-fit Simran has done her best though the vagueness of her character is a downer.

There is nothing special to be said about direction, screenplay, music and cinematography as they remain average-to-good throughout the movie.

The fate of feel-good movies in movie industry is always a tricky one. In some cases, it may become a mega blockbuster, in others a horrendous flop.

As for Inji Iduppazhaki, Anushka's effort will prevent it from becoming a flop, but won't help it leave a mark in  long-term memory of viewers. Inji Iduppazhaki is worth watching once and that's about it. 
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