Movie Review : Aby Flies Deep Into The Hearts Of The Audience
Aby leaves the viewer with the impression that this incredible story could have been exploited more on screen, says Sriram
On Feb 24, 2017

To be a pilot would be the ambition of almost every kid at some point of their life. It’s the basic human tendency to have fascination and curiosity about flying objects that makes one think so. Almost every one of those desires gets replaced because of practical reasons, except that of some dreamers'. Aby is the story of a kid who was born to dream of flying, so much that it completely conquered his thoughts. Aby grabbed eye balls for certain controversies and backing as a true story. Its trailer, which gave hopes of an inspiring ride, was also well received by the audience.


The movie started very well aligning the viewers' thinking with that of Aby. The ever consistent writer Santhosh Echikkanam  and director Sreekanth Murali slowly injected the intensity of Aby's curiosity. Good characterisation of his parents and their gradual development stood out in the first half. The first half also featured a beautiful mother-son relationship and Aby's struggles fuelled by his monotonic dream of flying, which all contributed to a great base for the movie. The rest of the movie was weakly built on this strong base. There was a sense of discontinuity in all the magnificent events that took Aby to the heights he desired.  The initial life the movie was later limited to certain portions of brilliance, diluted in intensity. For the mind-blowing story that Aby had, the movie very often gave the impression that it came short of what the story deserved. Even when Aby was traversing through the most pivotal portions of conquering his dream, the execution lacked the make-believe element depriving Aby of its initial genuineness. But the movie held on to the emotional grip it had, that of love, ambition, disappointment and perseverance. Aby flew high and deep into the hearts of the viewers in its climax propelled by the hard built base of the movie, which is Aby's unquenchable desire to fly. Cinematography by Sudheer Surendran stood out as the life force of Aby with his lively frames that immensely contributed to the atmosphere of the movie.


Vineeth Sreenivasan is often regarded as the genuine all-rounder in Malayalam cinema after Balachandra Menon. But acting is seldom considered his stronger suit. Vineeth kept his promise of improvement as an actor as he comes up with a strong, heart touching performance. Yet, there were portions when it seemed Aby deserved more than what Vineeth could deliver. The makers deserve special applause for their casting of Vineeth in the title role and their excellent use of him. Sudheer Karamana stood out as the best performer in the movie, as he portrays the father of Aby, who undergoes transformations in the course of the movie. Suraj Venjaramood, once again proved that the actor in him has immense possibilities, with a measured performance of a character that seemed tailor made for an actor in the range of Jagathy Sreekumar.


Background music by Anil Johnson very often lent the much needed lift Aby deserved. The songs composed by Bijibal and Jason J Nair were good, but sometimes reminding one of previous songs, some by Bijibal himself. 


Aby's unbreakable will power can inspire the viewers to break the shackles and live their dreams, however improbable it is to the rest of the world. But it leaves the viewer with the impression that his incredible story could have been exploited more on screen. However Aby is certainly worth a watch if it gives you immense joy in watching someone living his lifelong dream. The fact that there is a true story close to that of Aby also reinforces the feel of the movie.

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