Movie Review : Angamaly Is Magically Local, Right From The Title Cards
Angamaly diaries is another unbelievable Lijo Jose Pellisseri expression, the masses would love to experience, says Sriram
On Mar 06, 2017


There are movies that belong to various genres and then there are movies which have 'Lijo Jose Pellisseri's' written before its name. The man who makes cinema after giving it a definition by himself is back with Angamaly Diaries, which claims to be 'Katta Local' featuring 86 new faces.




What is the feeling that that comes to one's mind when the term 'Local' is mentioned? The candid faces, the disordered atmosphere, the unclear buzz, the unreasoned commotion and maybe food served at the most inhospitable of environments. These are not conditions that everyone would enjoy being in. But it’s the rustic 'Katta Local’ feel on celluloid with all its life and brutality that makes Angamaly Diaries a wonderful movie experience. Written by Chemban Vinod who hails from Angamaly, the movie is magically given a soul which has an identity of its own by Lijo Jose Pellisseri.  Angamaly Diaries rises to a level where it makes the audience just a witness to a lot of commotion. Witnessing an event in a market place doesn’t necessarily guarantee clarity. But the picture over some time tells the story. A good part of the movie is executed in this fashion, giving ample dose of entertainment for the audience in the process, fuelled by food and the local slang. The movie introduces so many new and candid faces to the viewer that, by the interval break the real faces around could be related to ones witnessed on screen. The excitement and the grip just increase from there on. The gradual coming of age of the characters has been portrayed brilliantly, beyond the restrictions of good and bad. The events or emotions happening on screen never cross the line of being cinematic, resulting in excitement being the one emotion, running through the length of the movie. All the excitement reaches its heights, as the LJP spectacle puts forward a heavily eventful, intense climax which is taken in a single shot lasting around Fifteen minutes. The meticulous planning which would have gone in shooting it and the flawless execution deserve standing ovation as rightly given by the audience in the theatre.


The performance of the 86 new faces serves as the spine of the movie. Lijo Jose Pellisseri deserves special credit for bringing the best out of almost every one of them. Each of them lends freshness to the movie while some like Sarath Kumar and Antony Varghese leaves their marks.


The cinematographer Gireesh Gangadharan and the editor Shameed Mohammad invaluably contributed to this Lijo Jose Pellisseri expression. The whole movie had a nice rhythm to it very often celebrated in low light.  In 'Amen' the lyrics and its music by Prasant Pillai carried the spirit of the movie so much that it seemed another LJP expression. In Angamaly Diaries too, Prasant Pillai creates music that blends with the soul of the movie. The song 'Do Naina' and the rest of the songs rendered by Angamaly Pranchy combined with LJP's magic on screen, prove to be a treat.


'Katta Local' say the makers, and the film indeed is, 'magically' so. Angamaly diaries is another unbelievable Lijo Jose Pellisseri expression, which proves to be an experience like never before. He takes a massive step towards establishing a Malayalam industry, where the quality and market of cinema is independent of the stars involved. The fact that his cinema stands apart from the ones that the viewers are accustomed to, added with the rawness and brutality involved may intimidate a section of viewers. LJP's relentless and uncompromising nature of film making continues after Double Barrel. But this time the movie is almost certain to hit the taste buds among the masses.

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