Movie Review : AYAL SASSI -There Is A Sasi In All Of Us
An enlightening movie in many ways, Ayal Sassi is a must watch for those who desire depth in cinema, and those who love Sreenivasan the actor, says Sriram
On Jul 10, 2017


Sreenivaaan is widely regarded as the torchbearer of the satire department in malayalam cinema. Ayal Sassi is a satire, one with flesh and soul that gracefully razes through everything that comes in its way, without assuming itself as noble. The writer cum director, Sajin Baabu discusses deeply about the concepts of death, religion, and more importantly being human.


The best thing about Ayal Sassi is that, even though it constantly, ruthlessly exposes ironies surrounding human lives, it is free flowing. Nothing in the movie is forced in for the sake of it. The satire runs in the background of a rock-solid platform, brimming with life. Sasi, in a way is symbolic of all of us. He desires fame irrespective of how and when it comes. He knows that he is not as skilful, intellectual or sexually attractiveas he wants himself to be, but he assumes power and tries to find ways to announce himself to the world. The director expertly peels through the different layers of him as the movie progresses. At the outset, he introduces Sasi to the audience like how one outside the friend circle of Sasi gets a glance of him. Sasi is shown as an artist, who seems to be an expert in his field, an intellect and an activist in his own right. In the second and the largestact, the director goes deeper, taking the audience closer to Sasi. The vulnerable Sasi Namboori, who has lost all ties with his family is an attention seeker characterised by pride. Sasi tries to grab the eyeballs by whatever ways that comes before him, least bothered by the genuineness of what he projects. It is then that the greatest grounding force of nature announces its arrival in his life, death. With nothing much to lose, and lots of fame to be gained, he decides to make his death a true celebration for the world. In the third and deepest layer, the audience is given the eyes of Sasi himself, as he sees himself grounded by realities as his death nears. The director explicitly projects the nothingness that Sasi is heading to irrespective of how he would be celebrated after his death. As the movie approaches the end, and as Sasi approaches his end, the only people who feel the weight of it are the audience and may be Sasi himself. Fed up of all the drama surrounding his life, he gives up and decides to surrender to death as the raw Sasi he knows himself to be.

The director reveals the mere tag carried by people called religion. Ayal Sassi depicts it as a source of pride and prestige that classifies human beings in the name of ‘meaningless’ ceremonies. It can take the form of extreme negativity, jealousy and can be a barrier to any believer. In fact, Sajin Baabu teases the term ‘believer’, by actually asking if a believer really believes. He speaks loud that caste is not a system, but a stain in the minds of the people. He beautifully uses the tool called death to detach the human being out of all the farce.


Sreenivasan has simply nailed it as Sasi Namboori aka Samuel. A legendary performance unlike any he has put up in recent times. His performance isenergetic, soulful, deep and subtle replying his critics through his amazing talent.The other actors too contributed to in their own great ways to AyalSassi, with Kochu Preman coming up with an exceptional performance. The music by Basil CJ and the cinematography by Pappu also substantially contributed to the movie. The movie comprises of a lot of lengthy shots, which is a testimony to the effort that the artists put in.


Ayal Sassi has satire written all over it. At the same time, it beautifully peels through the different layers of a person who desires recognition, fame and at the end of the day is worthy only to himself. Yes, there is a Sasi is all of us. The movie is a class apart in terms of depth, perfect in its own right. Some may find the movie to be slowly paced, but it is compact at the same time. An enlightening movie in many ways, Ayal Sassi is a must watch for those who desires depth in cinema, and those who love Sreenivasan, the actor.


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Good review
Keshu, on Jul 11, 2017 10:41:23 PM
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