Movie Review : Dangal - Near Perfect Casting And Performance
Dangal reassures the passionate triers, especially women that it is worth the hardwork and time, says Sriram
On Dec 26, 2016


Every Indian wants their nation’s flag to fly high. Thus every time a sportsperson wins or losses representing India, the talks about topics ranging from genes to facilities and mental strength are inevitable. That makes each one of us part of Dangal. Dangal is the bigger picture of every Indian sportswoman, the climax of the show alone we get to watch in TV, when they take the field.

Dangal is a movie which sincerely shows the hurdles a sportswoman has to conquer, from the moment she is expected to be born as a boy, till she confirms the gold medal for the nation.Every legend is born as a dream. A dream which most people can relate to. Right from the outset, Dangal succeeds to inject the vigour of Mahavir Singh Phogat’s dream into the audience, setting a strong base for what was to follow.The execution, performances and, the dialogues that go deep into the audience were easily strong enough to conquer the clichés that is part of a sports movie. Dangal is capable of making the audience think and feel with the characters irrespective of age and situations. It left almost no stones unturned, showing beautifully the innocence of Geeta and Babita as kids, which gradually evolves into faith, determination and pride.A highlight of Dangal is the emotional ride it proves to be for the viewer. Brilliant performances, coupled with perfect music at the perfect time meant that, there were scenes in the movie that would make it difficult for the audience to watch without wet eyes.

It is very often said that the reason why India fails to win Gold, is the lack of talent and mental strength to perform in the international arena. Dangal laments out loudly that there are lots of other pivotal factors that goes wrong in Indian sports, and that the biggest challenge on the way is haughty system in place which boasts and preaches technique to replace instincts. Sports persons like Geeta and Babita are nurtured with love, hard work and passion by family, friends and themselves. Dangal also stresses the importance of dedication and discipline, which is very a important but neglected factor in all spheres of life. Mahavir Singh appears to be a cruel father but a coach whose determination resulted in India winning its first wrestling gold in the Commonwealth games.
The script and the execution of the wrestling matches deserve special applause. The extreme hard work the actors, especially Fatima Sana Shaikh put up was very evident. Very often the excitement breached the levelsany live sporting event can bring to a sports fan. The theatre cheered and despaired for every point won and lost, may be more than when the real Geeta Phogat took the ring and won it for India. These factors took Dangal close to reality which is obviously clichéd. One thing that stood out from the rest of the brilliance is the old fashioned typecasting of Geeta’s official coach.

The backbone of Dangal is Mahavir Singh Ji’s willpower to take his girls all the way to an international gold. Aamir Khan with his magical screen presence and mind-blowing performance easily took Dangal on his shoulders at the critical moments deep into hearts of the audience. Enchanting music by Pritam ensured that the director and the actors hit their target spot on.

Dangal, especially with the backing as a true story is right up there with any Indian inspirational movie. It reassures the passionate triers, especially women that it is worth the hard work and time. Near perfect casting and performance coupled with great music makes Dangal a grand treat.
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