Movie Review : Ezra - A Treat For Horror Lovers
The brilliant execution trumps the cliches associated with a horror flick, Voices Sriram
On Feb 10, 2017


‘Your worst fear comes true' is the tagline that Ezra came with. For a lot of reasons including its trailer, teaser and Prithviraj Sukumaran's habit of taking Malayalam cinema to the next level, Ezra was thought of as the first fully fledged Malayalam horror film. 


Ezra slowly catches hold of the viewer’s grip, with abrupt horror elements blended in skilfully. The director paced the movie so brilliantly that Ezra, by the time of its climax was powerful enough to silence the first day crowd whose excitement very often overshadowed the horror in the first half. A horror movie without a strong story to base upon is as good as a soul without a body. Ezra nails it in that aspect and thus ends up a genuine horror thriller.  


Horror is a genre that is highly prone to predictable clichés. Even the best of horror films in Hollywood comes with such clichés, but tightly wrapped in thrill. Ezra conquers that fine line successfully assisted by outstanding cinematography, editing, lighting, colouring, music and performances. All these factors join hands at their best in the climax to tempt the viewers to ignore the minor loopholes till then.


Ezra's excellent casting combined with the grand projection the characters receive, contributed to the punch packed in the movie. Prithviraj delivers a mind blowing performance which was the driving force of Ezra seeping into the hearts of the audience. Priya Anand who is not very familiar to the Malayali audience was intelligently casted to do a Pivotal role in Ezra. She rose up to the occasion and did a very good job.  

More than a month before Ezra's release, the Rahul Raj's 'Lailakame' came up as a chartbuster. Back ground Music is often regarded as the life force for a horror movie. Ezra's life was safe in Sushin shyam's hands as his tunes contributed immensely to the adrenaline rush in the audience. 


In an age where that rare horror flick is mixed with impact dampening comedy or where the movie itself ends up as a comedy, Ezra attempts to cross the borders and deliver something entirely new to Malayalam cinema. Most of the clichés globally associated with a horror film can be expected in Ezra, but the execution trumps the cliché by a good distance. Prithviraj continues his list of path breaking movies starting from 'stop violence' reaching 'Mumbai Police’, 'Double Barrel' and now Ezra. A brave horror film that raises the standard of Indian cinema.


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