Movie Review: Fukri - Bright Start Crash Lands At The End
All the build up falls apart like a castle of cards, voices Sriram
On Feb 06, 2017

Over the last two decades, Malayalam cinema has seen the rise and fall of many directors who gave new dimensions to comedy. Among those names, Siddique stands apart for his lesser rate of decline. After a couple of super hit movies he joins hands with the versatile actor Jayasurya.  

Fukri starts off on a bright note giving hopes of a breezy entertainer. The elements for an out and out fun ride were being set up in terms of the trustworthy plot of character mix up and an array of comedians. Siddique kept introducing new characters, twists and more confusion, almost reminding one of Priyadarsan flicks and even his own 'King Liar'.  But the feature of such movies is that the director should carefully untie the knots in order to convince his viewers. Fukri, fails in that respect and badly crash lands at the end.  

One notable aspect of Siddique's movies ranging from 'Hitler' to 'King Liar' is the typical yet interesting definition of the character of protagonist. But Luqman of Fukri was left for development as the movie progressed. His character remained folded as his motives never really gained clarity. Comedy was the only lifeline for Fukri as it continued its long directionless cruise. But all the build up, fell apart like a castle of cards as Siddique wrapped up the movie in a very unconvincing manner.
Fukri had no shortage of characters. But very rarely the script gave any chance for the artists to showcase their skills. Jayasurya was back in a humorous avatar, and performed some comic numbers exceptionally well. His performances and the plot suggests that, the comedian in Jayasurya could have been exploited a lot more. His sidekicks did well to keep the movie lively. Lal and Siddique came up with notable performances.

Music by Gopi Sundar did not do justice to the high standards set by him. Even as Fukri travelled places and situations, the tunes did not. 

Fukri ends up an decent entertainer with a very weak story and script behind it. While it is watchable for the comedy in it, it is more likely to disappoint the average audience.
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