Movie Review: Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol
Despite its imperfect script and slow execution, Munthirivallikal is set on fire by the typical Mohanlal everyone loves, says Sriram.
On Jan 23, 2017


Mohanlal's charisma when he dons romantic roles can be quite deceiving. It can make the audience forget the shortcomings of the movie that they are watching, and enjoy the so called 'Lalism' happening before them. 'Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol' is the latest addition to that list. After a prolific 2016, Mohanlal starts his 2017 with Jibu Jacob who silently turned his first touch into gold through 'Vellimoonga'.


Like 'Vellimoonga' which was powered all the way by comic one liners, Munthirivallikal too took off gently. The director and the writer did very well to portray the routine and frozen life of Unnachan whose family life, over the years lost its steam. They presented the serious issue neatly wrapped in humour without losing its life. 


Munthirivallikal slowly developed like a grape vine gradually covering sub plots. But every time the vine sprouted, or rather the story took a new turn, the writer couldn't make it as subtle and real. The first half was slowly packed in this manner and as it neared the interval, it conveyed a sense of completion. As the directionless cruise continued in the second half, it gradually started losing its grip on the audience. But the makers did a neat job to finish the movie well, as it conveyed its message very effectively. Despite the lag, and seeming absence of any story, it has the little elements in it to rekindle the love in the family and give a different perspective about falling in love.


Mohanlal was at work, all guns blazing in Munthirivallikal. His typical mischievous smile was as fresh as ever and gave enough reason for the audience to ignore the half baked script controlling the movie. Meena once again fed on her fantastic chemistry with Mohanlal and delivered a very good performance. The other cast including Aima Rosmy Sebastian, Anoop Menon and Alencier also did their parts neatly.


The music was handled by both M Jayachandran and Bijibal. Bijibal's BGM for Unnachan contributed to the pleasant start of the movie. M Jayachandran united with Shreya Ghoshal to once again deliver quality music. The beautiful song 'Oru Puzhayarikil' plays a pivotal role in the movie.

'Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol' despite its imperfect script and slow execution, is set on fire by the typical Mohanlal everyone loves. A movie capable of adding a tinge of freshness to the lives of the family audience, telling them there no age limit for falling in love.

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Good review
Sreekesh, on Jan 23, 2017 11:43:36 PM
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