Movie Review-Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum (Mal): Witness The Magic Of Simplicity
Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum narrates a simple event that carries the infinite details and complexities of life. The simplicity is thrilling, entertaining and ambiguous, says Sriram
On Jul 03, 2017

Cinema is an art that magically opens a new world on the other side of the silver screen. The magic is all about making the viewer watching from the real world believe what he sees on screen, at least for the moment he watches it. But the difference between the worlds on either side of the screen can be easily differentiated more often than not. The magical world is less subtle, less detailed, or in other words less brilliant than the real world. Dileesh Pothan, renowned for the phenomenon called ‘Pothettan Brilliance’ binds the viewer by a spell which makes him believe that the screen is merely a mirror which reflects the world from where he is coming from.


There is an earthly feeling, a sort of genuineness to everything that happens in Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum. The story is as simple as any. The writers build it by adding the simplest of elements and dialogues, cunningly making their words speak volumes with utmost subtlety. The director gives life to these million simple things to produce startling details, gifting the viewers an engaging experience at the edge of their seats. The cinematographer, Rajeev Ravi makes the camera an invisible commodity in the real world inside the screen. The editor, Kiran das does the rest of the grounding to make the movie gripping and real.


The movie revolves around characters and situations which are easily relatable to the viewers. There is nothing forced or against the flow of the story to establish the character traits for its own sake. It is easy for the viewer to connect with the emotions which acts as the fuel for the show on screen. There is a fraud in everyone. But it requires courage and mental strength to defeat the conscience to actually become one. The same attributes decide one’s fate in the game. Some play well, some falter, some surrender, some fight till the end comes. The beautiful game a fraud plays has been portrayed amazingly well by the makers. What makes Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum special is, even as the game is relatable, the next move is seldom predictable. The mystery surrounding the fraud’s character speaks

everything about himself, without being restricted by fences of morality. The best part about the movie is its surrounding, that of a police station. The screenplay is astonishingly clever and silky as the movie flows through the foreplays that happens in the station. It gives a beautiful vision on how the machinery actually works from the inside.  Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyumhas abundance of brilliance in it as the screenplay implicitly runs through a lot of subplots, not wasting a second in detailing it unnecessarily. The movie has a great climax, but not a good ending. The makers seem to struggle to find a way to brake the raging beast that the movie was turning out to be. ‘Pothettan Brilliance’ was once again the answer as he uses ambiguity as the key to bid adieu to the viewers.


The biggest highlight of this Dileesh Pothan expressionis nothing but the supreme performance by the cast. Fahadh Faasil steals the show as a thief who fights till the last second. A character who hardly has any dialogue in the movie, the thief runs the whole show and Fahadh lived through as a ‘pakka criminal’ as the police call him. The performance of Suraj Venjaramoodu, who plays the protagonist is the soul of the movie. Even his slightest looks and faintest words spoke depths about Prasad, a character as gullible and relatable as any. Nimisha Sajayan is the other pillar of the movie along with Suraj as she impresses everyone. Alencier Ley Lopez delivers a mind-blowing performance, being the backbone of the events that happen in the police station. The next notable performer is Sibi Thomas as the SI of Sheni police station, rocking the theatre through his naturality.  The rest of the cast especially the ones who played the roles of police officers also did a fantastic job.


Life is simple and complex at the same time. So is Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum. It narrates a simple event that carries the infinite details and complexities of life. The simplicity is thrilling, entertaining, ambiguous and to an extent incomplete. A great experience for the movie buffs, the movie stays real and entertaining at the same time.

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