Movie Review: Kaabil - Hrithik Stars In This Revenge Thriller
Hrithik Roshan puts up a mesmerising performance, which proved to be the soul of Kaabil, says Sriram.
On Jan 27, 2017


Revenge stories across industries tend to follow a pattern. A pattern with a sequence that starts with happiness, tragedy and revenge. Hence the greatest challenge for a film maker is to create cinema that can surpass the unavoidable predictability the revenge genre poses.

While Kaabil stands out for its great plot, engaging execution of revenge, and extra ordinary performances, predictability quenches the thrill almost all the way. Similarly in a lot of aspects Kaabil made applaudable efforts to cross the line, but very often it either rested entirely on the shoulders on Hrithik Roshan or fell short.

The makers did well to construct the base of Kaabil, which was the love between two blind and extraordinarily talented people Rohan and Supriya. Although it had its share of clichés, the beautiful chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam blossomed to create two truly lovable characters. This ensured that once the disaster that sets up the revenge occurred, it left a deep impact on the audience. As it moved forward towards the more intense portions, it was backed by well written engaging dialogues.

The characterisation and the clear definition of the abilities of Rohan aided Kaabil as it entered the business end. But the movie ended up overusing the particular talent of the protagonist that gives him an edge over the antagonists.
Before its release, what made Kaabil an exciting prospect was the degree of flawlessness with which it could portray a blind executing revenge. Despite the predictability, the script and the visuals were engaging. The movie also did well to fix all the obvious loop holes associated with blindness. Still it was very evident that it was Hrithik Roshan's great performance that helped Kaabil hide a flurry of weak links.

Hrithik Roshan puts up a mesmerising performance, which proved to be the soul of Kaabil. All the hard work he had put up for the movie bore fruit as it ends up as one of his finest performances. Yami Gautam complemented him nicely to portray Supriya.

Rajesh Roshan's music fell in place and did the trick neatly. Kaabil has in it the elements to make for a good revenge thriller flick. But whether it was exploited and delivered in the perfect proportion remains a question. Hrithik Roshan steals the show, delivering one of his best performances. With the expectation levels set not very high, Kaabil can surely prove to be a worthy entertainer.
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