Top Ten Books This Week - Apr 09 , 2019
Top Fiction And Non-fiction Works Of This Week | By Yentha
On Apr 08, 2019


* Maoism A Global History :Julia Lovell :Rs 799.00

In this new history, Julia Lovell re-evaluates Maoism as both a Chinese and an international force, linking its evolution in China with its global legacy. It is a story that takes us from the tea plantations of North India to the Sierra of the Andes, from Paris’s fifth arrondissement to the fields of Tanzania, from the rice paddies of Cambodia to the terraces of Brighton. Starting with the birth of mao’s revolution in Northwest China in the 1930s and concluding with its violent afterlives in South Asia and resurgence in the people Republic today, This is a landmark history of global Maoism.

* Figuring :Maria Popova :Rs 999.00

Figuring explores the complexities of love and the human search for truth and meaning through the interconnected lives of several historical figures across four centuries—beginning with the astronomer Johannes Kepler, who discovered the laws of planetary motion, and ending with the marine biologist and author Rachel Carson, who catalyzed the environmental movement.

* Talk to Me :Amazon,Google, Apple and the Race for Voice Controlled Al :James Vlahos :Rs 699.00

 The author meets the researchers at Google, Amazon and Apple who are leading the way to a voice computing revolution. He explores how voice tech will transform every sector of society: handing untold new powers to businesses, upending traditional notions of privacy, revolutionising access to information, and fundamentally altering the way we understand human consciousness. And he even tries to understand the significance of the revolution first-hand – by building a chatbot version of his terminally ill father. Vlahos’s research leads him to one fundamental question: What happens when our computers become as articulate, compassionate, and creative as we are?

* Around the World in 80 Trains :A 45,000 Mile Adventure: Monisha Rajesh :Rs 599.00

From the author of Around India in 80 Trains comes another witty and irreverent look at the world and a celebration of the glory of train travel. Rajesh offers a wonderfully vivid account of life, history and culture in a book that will make you laugh out loud - and reflect on what it means to be a global citizen - as you whirl around the world in its pages.

* The Gendered Brain :The New Neuroscience that Shatters the Myth of the Female Brain :Rs 699.00

Taking us back through centuries of sexism, The gendered brain reveals how Science has been misinterpreted or misused to ask the wrong questions. Instead of challenging the status quo, we are still bound by outdated stereotypes and assumptions. However, by exploring new, cutting-edge neuroscience, rippon urges us to move beyond a binary view of our brains and instead to see these complex organs as highly individualised, profoundly adaptable and full of unbounded potential.


* The Old Drift :Namwali Serpell :Rs 599.00

This ground-shaking debut novel is an epic story of three generations of three zambian families – one black, one Brown and one white. Unfolding over 200 years, but set mainly in the twentieth century, one family begins in Italy, another in England and the third in Zambia. The three families’ lives become entwined as each is plagued by a curse passed on down the generations.

* Kill :Anthony Good :Rs 599.00

Waltzing through the darkling journal of a brilliant mind put to serious misuse, Kill is a powerful and provocative exploration of the contours of grief and the limits of moral justice, and a blazing condemnation of all those who hold, and abuse, power.

* The Wall :John Lanchester :Rs 699.00

John Lanchester's thrilling, hypnotic new novel is about why the young are right to hate the old. It's about a broken world you will recognise as your own-and about what might be found when all is lost.

* For the Good Times :David Keenan :Rs 899.00

The book shouts and sings with visionary depth and power. It is not just a book about the IRA, but an exploration of what it means to 'go rogue', of the heartbreak and devastation that commitment to 'the cause' can engender, of ideas of martyrdom, fatherhood, and self-sacrifice. It unpacks any dewy-eyed romance associated with the Troubles while re-visioning it as a time of psychological and spiritual intensity where the nature of day-to-day reality itself was up for grabs. And through a dizzying amalgam of modernist prose, roughhouse vernacular and hallucinatory Irish humour, it establishes David Keenan as one of our most fearless literary stylists.

* Darling :Rachel Edwards :Rs 399.00

A teenage girl clashes with her new stepmother in this debut thriller with an unforgettable twist.Dark, provocative and a refreshing take on the psychological thriller genre.

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