Top Ten Books This Week - January 02, 2017
Top fiction and non-fiction works of this week | By Yentha
On Jan 02, 2017


Non Fiction

1.Aneesh Chopra :Innovative State :How New Technologies Can Transform Government :Rs 699.00

Over the last twenty years, our economy and our society have been completely revolutionized by technology. As Aneesh Chopra shows in Innovative State, once it became clear how much this would change America, a movement arose around the idea that these same technologies could reshape and improve government. But the idea languished, and while the private sector innovated, our government stalled. The election of Barack Obama offered a new opportunity. In 2009, Aneesh Chopra was named the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States. Previously the Secretary of Technology for Virginia and managing director for a health care think tank, Chopra led the administration's initiatives for a more open, tech-savvy government. In Innovative State, he draws on this experience and interviews with policy experts and tech insiders to offer an absorbing look at how government can establish a new paradigm for the internet era and allow us to tackle our most challenging problems, from economic development to veteran affairs.

2.Margaret A Neale :Getting (More Of )What you Want :How the Secret of Economics and Psychology can help You Negotiate Anything in Business and Life :Rs 399.00

Most of us worry that we're not very good negotiators - too quick to concede or too abrupt in our approach. But negotiation is present in almost every social interaction we cannot avoid it. Neale and Lys present a practical new approach that will help you master this crucial everyday skill in every situation. Instead of focusing on reaching agreement at any cost, Neale and Lys reveal how to overcome our psychological biases and assess the hidden value in any negotiation. They explain how to know what a good deal is; when to negotiate and when to walk away; Why keeping a straight face can prevent you from getting the best deal; When to make the first offer and when to wait and why meeting in the middle can result in both sides being worse off. Drawing on three decades of ground-breaking research into behavioural economics, psychology and strategic thinking, Getting (More of) What You Want will revolutionise the way you approach negotiation.

3.Edward De Bono :The Happiness Purpose :Rs 599.00

First published in 1977, in this extraordinarily prescient book Edward de Bono sets out his method for achieving the ultimate 21st century goal: work-life balance. Defined in terms of life-space and self-space, de Bono invites the reader to look at their life and measure the gap between these spaces – the smaller the gap, the greater our chances at happiness; but if the life-space is vastly bigger than the self-space, our coping ability is compromised and anxiety is likely. For anyone concerned with happiness and life-fulfilment this book is essential reading, and is perhaps more resonant with readers now than ever before.

4.Manoj Vasudevan:Mastering Leadership The MouseTrap Way : :Rs 250.00

The Mousetrap Way reveals what it takes to be a successful leader today. Based on three decades of experience building service cultures in large organizations around the world, I have seen ordinary individuals take ownership of problems, galvanise teams to get things done, and become genuine role models of effective leadership. Even if you are not a Leader by Birth, you can become a Leader by Design, by following the principles in this inspiring book. The Mousetrap Way provides sharp insights and powerful leadership advice. Read this book, apply what you learn and your leadership journey will be uplifted and uplifting.

5.Wilfried Aulbur : Riding the Tiger :How to Execute Business Strategy in India  Rs 799.00

How can one survive in a market which is volatile and uncertain?What strategies have worked and not worked in the past?
What does it take to be successful in India?What are the successful strategies applied by the likes of HUL, Godrej,Adani Ports and redBus?So what does it take to Ride the Tiger? Sound flexible strategy, operational excellence and dedication to customer-centric innovation. But what does that really mean? How have successful Indian companies managed challenges in an extremely price-sensitive market?In this book, Wilfried Aulbur and Amit Kapoor look at successful and sometimes not-so-successful,strategies, operations and innovations in India. They have distilled lessons from their decades of practical work experience in the country. From large family conglomerates like Tata and Godrej to newer additions like Adani, from MNCs like Maruti Suzuki to start-ups in Bangalore and Gurgaon—the book explores key learnings from all four kinds of companies in an Indian context and provides useful insights into how business is done in India.


1.Ashok K Banker :Ashoka :Lion of Maurya :Rs 250.00

Young prince Ashoka accidentally overhears two men in a city tavern: a band of assassins have infiltrated Pataliputra, capital of the great Mauryavansh empire. Their target—the entire imperial family.The prince makes it his mission to root out the assassins with the help of the Chandikas—the female military order instituted by Samrat Chandragupta Maurya. But when his own lover, a Chandika, confesses a terrible secret, he realizes that the threat lies within his own family! Meanwhile, the palace is not without its own intrigues. Queen Khorasan and her mother are playing their own game of thrones. Dowager Queen Apama is secretly working for her father, Seleucus Nicator, who still has ambitions of invading the sub-continent. King Bindusara’s harsh methods are turning the marbled floors of the imperial palace awash with blood.Will Prince Ashoka be able to save his family —and Mauryavansh—before it’s too late?India’s epic storyteller turns his masterful hand to the life of ancient India’s greatest ruler, Ashoka in a thrilling trilogy packed with non-stop action, adventure, battles and lusty no-holds-barred storytelling.

2.Kavita Kane :Lanka's Princess :Rs 295.00

Surpanakha, Ravan’s infamous sister—ugly and untamed, brutal and brazen. This is how she is commonly perceived. One whose nose was sliced off by an angry Lakshman and the one who started a war but was she really just perpetrator of war? Or was she a victim? Was she Lanka’s princess? Or was she the reason for its destruction Surpanakha, meaning the woman as hard as nails was born as Meenakshi—the one with beautiful, fish-shaped eyes. Growing up in the shadows of her brothers, who were destined to win wars, fame and prestige, she, instead, charts up a path filled with misery and revenge.Accused of manipulating events between Ram and Ravan, which culminated in a bloody war and annihilation of her family, Surpanakha is often the most misunderstood character in the Ramayana. Kavita Kané 's Lanka’s Princess tells the story from the vantage of this woman more hated than hateful…

3.David Lagercrantz :Fall of Man in Wilmslow :Rs 499.00

June 8, 1954. Alan Turing, the visionary mathematician, is found dead at his home in sleepy Wilmslow, dispatched by a poisoned apple.Taking the case, Detective Constable Leonard Corell quickly learns Turing is a convicted homosexual. Confident it's a suicide, he is nonetheless confounded by official secrecy over Turing's war record. What is more, Turing's sexuality appears to be causing alarm among the intelligence services - could he have been blackmailed by Soviet spies?Stumbling across evidence of Turing's genius, and sensing an escape from a narrow life, Corell soon becomes captivated by Turing's brilliant and revolutionary work, and begins to dig deeper. But in the febrile atmosphere of the Cold War, loose cannons cannot be tolerated. As his innocent curiosity takes him far out of his depth, Corell realises he has much to learn about the dangers of forbidden knowledge.

4.Jeff Abbott : The First Order:Rs 499.00

Six years ago, Sam Capra watched his brother, Danny, executed by extremists.It was the darkest day of his life.But what if Danny was still alive?When evidence surfaces that Danny might be leading a secret, hidden life while the world believes him to be dead, Sam uncovers a different side to the brother he thought he knew. Could Danny be plotting a murder that could change history - the assassination of the Russian president?Determined to stop his brother from committing a murder that may cause a terrible war, Sam goes undercover in a one-man mission to save the world, but how far will he go to save his brother? Packed full of action and twists, The First Order is an addictive, exhilarating thriller that shows international bestseller Jeff Abbott at the height of his powers.

5.Ruskin Bond:Death Under the Deodars:Rs 399.00

It was death at first sight . . .Miss Ripley-Bean was sitting on a bench beneath the deodars, having a quiet moment to herself, when suddenly two shadows, larger than life, appeared on the outside wall; they were struggling with each other. Only afterwards, when a dead body was discovered, did Miss Ripley-Bean realize she had witnessed a murder – and that the murderer had seen her . . .In this marvellous collection of brand-new stories set in the Mussoorie of a bygone era, Ruskin Bond recounts the deliciously sinister cases of a murdered priest, an adulterous couple, a man who is born evil and the body in the box bed; not to forget the strange happenings involving the arsenic in the post, the strychnine in the cognac, a mysterious black dog and the Daryaganj strangler.As the elderly Miss Ripley-Bean, her Tibetan terrier Fluff, her good friend Mr Lobo, the hotel pianist and Nandu, the owner of the Royal, mull over the curious murders, the reader will be enthralled and delighted – until the murderer is finally revealed.
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