Vazhvanthol: The Unexplored Beauty In Lap Of Western Ghats
Soak yourself in unmatched beauty of Vazhvanthol, a place where you get rejuvenated - both body and soul | Shambhu Nair
On Nov 19, 2015


Get prepared to be enthralled by natural beauty you never experienced before, a place where the soothing sound of gurgling streams and chirping birds takes you to a different world altogether.  Located only 45 km from Trivandrum city, Vazhvanthol Waterfalls in the Bonacaud region is a mesmerising spot perfect to take a break from your hectic work schedule to experience the spirit of adventure at its best and get rejuvenated in body and soul.

En route the trek towards the waterfalls, you can enjoy the real beauty of the Western Ghats with its various rare species of flora and fauna. As in any lush green forest, you may come across few wild experiences that augment the adventure of the trip. Be amazed with the serene ambience and if you are lucky enough, you can enjoy ice cold drops of a sudden downpour, enough to chill you all the way to your bones while still in the middle of the verdant jungle.

While enjoying the serene nature, you still have to be careful while trekking as the rocks here could get slippery. Even though there are no forest guards, you can avail services of local guides from the place.

When our team visited Vazhvanthol, we got a boy named Kannan as our guide. We were a little skeptical about having a boy as guide, especially with the possibility of wild animal attacks looming large in our minds. But Kannan remained cool and simply said, “don’t  worry, just follow me.”

Turned out there indeed was nothing to worry about. Kannan's family was staying near the forest and therefore he was familiar with what to expect.

Down in the forest, there is a lake where you can hire bamboo rafts. The lake is deep and hence you need to wear life jackets. The ride through the natural lake in the raft is a thrill beyond words. Finally, when you reach the mighty Vazhvanthol Waterfalls, you can put yourself at ease and enjoy the real beauty of the forest.

Since the trek is through dense forest region, it will be difficult for travellers to get food and hence you should carry it from home or buy it from any of the hotels on the way to Vazhvanthol. Also there are no major tour operators offering the trips to this comparatively unexplored destination. On the way to Vazhvanthol, there is Hotel Rohini International (Ph : +91-472-2857336, 2857338) in Vithura from where you can get breakfast and lunch.

How to get there   

If you are starting from Trivandrum, you have to travel via Nedumangad, Vithura, Bonacaud road. Once you reach Vithura, take the Bonacaud route. After 10-12 km, there is a forest check post near Kanithadam. This is the same check post for the Bonafalls and Agastyaarkoodam.

Entry charges are Rs. 35/- per person and Rs. 25/- for the vehicle. After the check post, ride further in for around one kilometre.  After parking your vehicle here, you need to walk 2.2 km through the forest to reach the splendid waterfalls.

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