Beef Ban Not Practical, Ask Shawarma
Shawarma too had its dark days, but it is back and is welcomed |Yentha
On Nov 12, 2015


Trivandrum: Shawarma was a liked food item among city's food lovers a few years ago. Then, following an unfortunate incident, public outcry rose against the Shawarma, leading to this being techincally banned by the Kerala Hotel and Restaurant Association (KHRA).


It was actually an outcry against the declining hygiene in city's restaurants.

"I have always enjoyed a good shawarma. I still love eating it as long as it is prepared clean," says Abhiram, a software employee.

The hoteliers too, do not have a problem with selling shawarma.

"We never actually banned it. When the protest became intense we decided to stop serving it for a while. Now shawarma is being sold and it is selling well and no one is complaining," says B Vijayakumar, secretary, district committee, KHRA.


Beef too, is in the eye of a storm. But negative publicity hasn't affected the appetite of the public though.


"Beef is still in demand. There is no decline in customers or sales. It hasn't grown either, but has remained the same," says Ajith A, co-owner of a prominent city restaurant.

"There is no use trying to ban beef. People who eat it, will eat it all the same," says Abhiram.

"I do not think there will be any impact on beef because of the issue. Beef dishes are selling well wherever they are being served. There are no complaints," says Vijayakumar.



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