Collapsed Fort Wall Won't Be Rebuilt Anytime Soon
Archaeology department, KSRTC and TRDCL have to come together and form a joint plan if the wall is to be rebuilt |Yentha
On Nov 29, 2015


Trivandrum: A portion of the Fort wall bordering the KSRTC garage near Attakulangara had collapsed last month due to incessant rains. To make it safe for motorists the archaeology department had sealed off the portion with a canvas curtain. A month later the collapsed section of the wall remains as such.

"Archaeology department is not the only one with a say in the issue," said conservation engineer V S Satheesh. "The wall borders the KSRTC garage so they have to be involved. Certain issues with the drains that runs near the footpath have to be solved that requires involvment of TRDCL as well. A joint meeting involving representatives of three has to be called to come up with a decision."

Another problem is that the entire Fort wall is in a dangerous condition. So there is no point repairing just the collapsed part of it. The incident had occured at a time when plans were being formulated for rebuilding the entire wall, which means repairing the damaged portion is hardly of any vital importance.



For now, the collapsed portion has been sealed off and sand bags have been stacked up to make it relatively safe. There is no obstruction to traffic flow and only pedestrians have to forsake the convenience of footpath for a short distance. Since no one is
complaining and because of the complexities involved, it is pretty much given the collapsed portion of Fort wall won't be rebuilt anytime soon.


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