CREDAI Welcomes Decision To Restore Safety Norms
The move will help remove stagnancy in building sector, but more needs to be done, says CREDAI vice-president |Yentha
On Dec 05, 2015


Trivandrum: The Cabinet decision to restore safety norms overlooking objections from Fire and Safety Department has brought cheers to the building industry. CREDAI vice-president S N Reghuchandran Nair, while expressing happiness, noted  it wasn't a 'victory' for the builders.

"We just got the permission to continue what we have been following for over thirty years. The move will help ease stagnancy in the sector," he said.

CREDAI had earlier warned going to strike if the safety norms were not restored. Restoring it will now facilitate completing and selling of over 100 buildings in state.Reghuchandran Nair says more needs to be done to get business really going.

"The registration process is tiring and expensive. People end up paying much more than the original amount because of that. Making registration process less cumbersome will bring in more customers," he said.



The state government had recently decided to reinstate the Kerala Municipal Building Rules, putting aside the National Building Code which had forced works at many worksites to a halt.

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Can you post the major differences between the National Building code and the Kerala Municipal Building Rule and when each was formulated. Thanks
Asha Gopinathan , on Dec 05, 2015 05:40:58 AM
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