For TV Verdict Stays Flat
Preference is for flat LEDs in this brand-oriented market where Sony enjoys a slight edge |Yentha
On Nov 10, 2015


Trivandrum: The demand for television has never been questioned. Dealers say the market is growing and will continue to grow. The only things that change are brands. Currently Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG rule the roost.

"Sony is more preferred by the average man due to the trust in quality it has earned among customers. Every brand sells, Sony has a slight edge," says sales manager Abhilash.

Coming to customer requirements, it has remained more or less basic. The visual appearing on the screen has to be good, as should the sound quality. So flat screens and HD TVs are ones in popular demand, while 3D TVs and curved screen TVs hasn't been that liked.

"Curved screen TVs are too costly and too exquisite to generate demand. They demand special set up to prove worthy of their price. That's asking too much from most customers, even the rich ones. They are suitable for big hotels and such but not for an individual's home," says Kiran Dinakar, city-based business man.

The same logic applies for most high-end TVs as well. Hi-tech features rarely woo a customer in this brand-oriented market. Knowing that, the dealers too aren't going for many.

"People always check for general visual appeal. Other than HD there really hasn't been a demand for special features. Also the average life span of a TV  is 2 to 3 years before complaints begin to set in. While that keeps the demand steady, it also keeps it basic," says Abhilash.     

Television has always been a requirement for common man. The preference is for flat LEDs with Sony enjoying a slight edge compared to others in brand value. New technologies like wi-fi enabled TVs are also generating buzz. However, when it comes to special features, there aren't many takers.

"The customers only look for quality and longevity for which they depend on brand name. Other than that, they aren't asking much," said Abhilash.




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