Local Tourism In Bad Shape
If Shanghumugham and Akkulam are any indication, District Tourism Promotion Council is going toothless |Yentha
On Nov 13, 2015


Trivandrum: The maintenance of local tourism spots comes under the charge of the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC). Most of them are in a bad shape. What makes the situation really grim is that DTPC is either unaware of it or is avoiding it.


Shanghumugham is still a popular recreation spot among city folks. Yet, the truth is the place is dirty, dilapidated and ignored. The main road, which earlier used to run through the beach, has been restructured and now runs bypassing it. The promise was that the old road, with its indoor shuttle court and Tsunami Park, would be developed as a tourism exclusive zone.



"We are not having anything to do with Shanghumugham. We are not involved with anything over there," said a DTPC official.

Akkulam has been dying a slow death for many years. Seems like now it is out of its misery. The tourism village has been closed down, the place is used for dumping waste from the NH bypass and there isn't even a lake anymore for the boats to speed through.


"I am not aware if anything new happened in Aakulam. The Village has been closed down. There is no word when it will be reopened. DTPC doesn't have any details about it."


Not just DTPC, details about the project are not available in principle. No official or department have the answer.

Even in the famed Kovalam, the condition of the Grove beach, generally regarded as one for locals, is in a bad shape, with its high pollution and lack of facilities.

Now DTPC employees are involved in collecting parking fees from motorists in MG Road. It won't be long before the change becomes official.



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