Modern Art Is Easy, Innovative Art Not So Much, Says Kanakasanan
The 72-year-old artist is holding a painting exhibition at Museum art gallery |Yentha
On Nov 14, 2015


Trivandrum: For many 'modern art' represents the real complexity of human mind, with its intricate web of emotions and passions, overlapped by impulses of master strokes that makes it the epitome of art form. Not for Kanakasanan though.

"Modern arts, I can do it in a short time period. It is the one's where you try to innovate and bring newer elements into it that take's time and patience," he said, standing amidst his creations at Museum gallery.

P Kanakasanan's works highlight the different shades of Panchali. More than the theme it is his mode of creating it that draws real attention. For Kanakasanan, anything from a ball-point pen to the midrib of a coconut leaf can be considered a

"My attempt is to bring out uncommon themes through uncommon modes. It takes time and a lot of energy, but in the end, it is worth it," he says.

Though the exhibition is also intended at sale of paintings, Kanakasanan doesn't believe in naming a price for his paintings.

"You can never put a price on your creations. At the same time you can't give it away for free either. To me it is the viwer's desire and interest that is paramount. Some of my paintings have fetched me high prices, some haven't, but to me it does not make one any lesser or more than the other," he says.


For the younger generation of artists who bemoan lack of income from their art works, Kanakasanan had this to say:

"Never indulge in arts with aim of earning a living out of it. Art has to be passion, an inspiration that should be made free from all obligations. My advice is take up a regular job to meet your expenses and leave the artist in you free to explore all realms."

Around 30 paintings have been put for exhibition by the Kerala Lalithakala Academy award winner, which will end on Monday, November 16.

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