Need A Lift? Make Sure To Pack A Helmet!
While still not mandatory, adhering to HC order requiring pillion riders to wear helmet will bring interesting changes |Yentha
On Nov 27, 2015


Trivandrum: The city police have decided to strictly enforce the HC order requiring pillion riders to wear a helmet. While enforcing the rule will go a long way in saving many lives, it also raises a whole lot of practical problems.

As per officials of Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), it is the responsibility of the those
owning the bike, or those riding it, to see both persons are wearing helmets.

"The onus is on the owner of the bike, or the one riding it. It is that person who has to see that those riding pillon are wearing helmets and if that's not the case, then the one riding the bike is at fault," said an official at MVD.

However, city police commissioner H Venkatesh, who had given out instructions regarding the issue, adds a more significant law point to it.

"Though, the responsibility belongs to the one riding the bike, the fine will be slapped on whoever not wearing a helmet. If it is the pillon rider who is not wearing the helmet, then it is that person who will have to pay the fine and not the driver," said the commissioner.



It is a common sight, especially towards evenings, to see school, college students and even a few working youth as well, seeking lift from bikers to reach their destinations.


As per the new rule, it is the duty of those riding and requirement of those seeking lift to see that the seeker is carrying a helmet. If there is no helmet, law states you can't seek, or give, a lift.

While the police have been told to enforce the HC rule, it hasn't been made mandatory yet because of such practical issues involved. But it won't be long before it becomes a must. 

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