Historic Online Preview For Malayalam Movie
For the first time in history a Malayalam movie is being screened privately through an online medium| By Yentha
On May 02, 2016

Kochi: Gone are the days when a theatre or a big screen was needed for a movie preview. For the first time in history, a Malayalam movie is getting private online screening thanks to the website



The website that started in July 2015 has already released about 24 movies internationally including Prithviraj's Anarkali, Rajeev Ravi's Njan Steve Lopez, Lal Jose's Neena, Biju Menon's Salt Mango Tree along with many others. However this is for the first time that we have an Indian online preview for a Malayalam movie and 'Manasantharapetta Yezdi' by debut director Arun Omana Sadanandan is joining this historic moment of online preview.


"We are really excited and happy that Arun has given us a chance to try this out with Manasantharapetta  Yezdi," says Team Reelmonk.


The process of online viewing is simple and at the convenience of the audience. It is also completely legal and the collection from the movie goes directly to the movie makers.

Reelmonk is one of the sites primarily aimed at controlling piracy. However they did face an issue of malpractice for the movie 'Njan Steve Lopez'. But the hacker was identified and was reported to cyber cell within a few minutes of hacking.


'We've also done India's first ever same day online release with the film Ottaal in November 2015,' says the team.



'The movies are available for download. But the format of the movie is such that it cannot be uploaded or viewed in any other site. Some movies are available only for 24 hours and some are available for multiple views. It depends on the preferences of the movie maker as well. Also the countries where the movie should be released online is decided by the movie makers. According to their satellite rights and CD releases, such things are planned,' says the Reelmonk Team.


The preview of 'Manasantharapetta Yezdi' was made available from 2nd May onwards and the chosen ten viewers could watch the movie at their convenience.


The movie is expected to be available in the site for Indian viewers soon. 


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