Op Anantha In Way Of Ayyappa Devotees At Padma Temple
Sabarimala season is here, but the road leading to Sree Padmanabha temple is in a pathetic condition |Yentha
On Nov 15, 2015


Trivandrum: Operation Anantha is making steady progress and is on schedule. Yet, it will
be causing inconvenience to Sabarimala pilgrims coming to visit Sree Padmanabha Temple as the road leading to the temple has been dug up as part of Operation Anantha.

"It is a thing of worry for us. Efforts will be made to make their visit as smooth as possible," an official in Chief Secretary's office said.

Sree Padmanabha Temple is one among the most visited temples in the state and comes under the pilgrimage list of many Ayyappa devotees. The road has been dug up to clean the drainage lines and at present is a hurdle for motorists and pedestrians alike.

However, officials claim Operation Anantha has already started showing results as instances of flooding were greatly reduced during recent rains.

"There are still some areas where the flood waters continue to collect. Those areas will be covered under second phase of Operation Anantha," said the official. 

The first phase of Operation Anantha is expected to be over by December end.



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