Pinarayi Will Go Ahead With State Admin Services
The Administrative Reforms Commission headed by E K Nayanar recommended it first | By Yentha
On Feb 17, 2017


Trivandrum: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan reiterated that the government will not change its decision to form the Kerala Administrative Service (KAS). He was speaking while inaugurating the annual meeting of the Kerala Legislature Secretariat Staff Association.

Pinarayi said, "Kerala Administrative Service will ensure equality of opportunities to employees from different administrative divisions. We expect those who are opposing this to change their stance and extend support to the implementation of this. Even if they don't, the government will go ahead with KAS."

"Those who had taken a proactive approach towards the KAS, before taking a total a total U-turn, need to do some introspection. The government is committed to the welfare of common man as well as employees," he said.

According to Pinarayi, the opportunities for employees under the existing system to move to higher positions are limited, but the implementation of KAS will bring in an inclusive structural change.

"In fact, KAS is not the brainchild of this government. The Administrative Reforms Commission headed by E K Nayanar mooted it first. There had also been efforts to implement KAS, even by the previous government. We are just trying to execute what our predecessors attempted to,” he said.

"The number of IAS officers in the state is grossly inadequate, which affects government's functioning. Systems similar to KAS are in place in many states, and Kerala is not the first one to do so," Pinarayi added.
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