Scientist Credits Indian Genes For Resisting Avian Flu
That's reason why Indians remained mostly unharmed though alarm spread worldwide, said virology expert Robert G Webster |Yentha
On Nov 19, 2015


Trivandrum: There is something about the genetic structure of Indians that made them resistant to avian flu, said WHO's virology expert and professor at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Dr Robert G Webster during a ceremony held at Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Biotechnology on Tuesday.

It may be because Indian genes are naturally resistant that deaths due to avian flu are minimal here, which should be closely studied, Robert said.


However, he warned that it may not remain same everytime as the viruses kept on mutating which could result in dangerous conditions in future.





He also said that during instances of spreading of avian flu, people should refrain from eating not only chicken and duck meat, but pork as well.


He also asked for better collaboration between health department and agriculture department for better tackling of the dreaded disease.



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