There Is Life Beyond Cancer, Says Manisha Koirala
The actor was in city to promote her upcoming movie in Malayalam |Yentha
On Nov 12, 2015


Trivandrum: "People see cancer as death itself, which is wrong," said actor and UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) goodwill ambassador Manisha Koirala, while attending a press meet held at the Harmony Hall in Mascot Hotel as part of promoting her upcoming Malayalam movie 'Edavapathi', directed by Lenin Rajendran.

Being a cancer survivor herself, Manisha acknowledges that the particular 'health issue' comes with a lot of pain. "There is pain while having it, while treating it and while getting cured from it," she said, "But that does not mean it is the end. Survivors of cancer shouldn't be known just because of that. There is life beyond cancer."

The actor herself wants to leave the past behind, but is involved in several campaigns against cancer. She is also disappointed at the way cancer is presented in contemporary cinema.


"In most movies when a particular character is shown having cancer then it is portrayed as more or less the end for the person. We give a lot of false information about cancer through our movies which should be corrected," she said.


With 'Edavapathi', Manisha is making a comeback to Malayalam after 3 years. The film, whose story revolves around Tibetan refugees in India,  also features Sidharth Lama, who played 'Rimpoche' in Yodha. Director Lenin Rajendran, cinematographer Madhu Ambatt and actor Uthara Unni also took part in the press meet.     



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