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Dharmadam Island
  • Kannur Town
    Location :
  • Kannur
  • This isle, 100 meters from Dharmadam main land, is located between Kannur and Thalasseri. 


    It is formed as a result of lateritic rock projection between two arms of Anjarakkandy River and the sea.


    During low tide the ocean recedes making it possible for visitors to walk to the island. Other Dharmadam Island tour choice is to take a boat from south end of nearby Moidu Bridge located along Kannur-Thalasseri highway.


    The island uninhabited, even though a well is seen, indicating human presence.


    This still is a privately owned place. You need to take access permission from the owners, if visiting Dharmadam beach Island is in your agenda. 


    Thalasseri town, which is just 4 kilometres away, can actually be seen from Dharmadam Island.




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