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  • Palakkad
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  • Palakkad
  •  The "misty mountains" make Palakkad one of the major tourism centres of the country.


    Malampuzha dam and its surrounding mountains are the prime tourism location in Kerala for more than five decades now.But Dhoni, a reserve forest with its misty mountains just 12 km from Palakkad town, is emerging as a major tourism centre.


    Tourists interested in watching nature at close quarters attract the Dhoni waterfalls, particularly Sapal waterfalls at Parasuramkundu.


    It is also easy to reach the waterfalls and other beautiful spots inside the reserve forest. A four-km walk from Dhoni main road will take you to the beautiful waterfall and the forest area, which is rich in wildlife like elephant, tiger, deer, etc.


    It is an ideal place for trekking. One can walk down to Malampuzha and Meenvallam waterfalls from Dhoni through the thick forests.


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