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  • Vagamon
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  • Idukki
  • Kurishumala is famous for the Ashram, where Christian monks from local and foreign places reside and meditate. Belgian Cistercian Abbot Francis Acharya is the visionary who merged Indo-Christian concepts and set the foundation for the Ashram. 

    A part of Sahya Mountains, Kurishumala is just 10 km away from Wagamon and is situated much closer to Thangalpara. Coming with an excess baggage of serenity and scenic splendor, the place is ideal for anti-stress meditation practices. The highest peak in the Kurishumala is known as the “Resurrection Garden”, a place wholly secured for meditation. A total of well arranged 14 crosses make the hill all the more remarkable. The place also has a dairy farm, the milk production of which amounts to 1500 liters!



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