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Chacha Nehru Children's Museum
Place : Trivandrum
Location : Trivandrum
Last Updated : Jan 11, 2013 04:45:50 PM
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Chacha Nehru Children's Museum of 1980 is located at Thycaud in Thiruvananthapuram. Named after the first Prime Minister of the county, who is also famous for his great love for children, this museum seems much similar to Shankar's International Doll Museum of New Delhi. Displayings at the museum includes dolls with attire from different parts of the country including those of Gujarat, Punjab, Kerala, Bengal etc. Stamps of different denominations till date, masks and paintings and a mini aquarium as well are also available here. The first issue of children's literature in Malayalam could only be found here. This museum welcomes everyone between 10 AM to 5 PM on all weekdays from Tuesday(s) to Sunday(s). For entry one needs to pay a nominal amount of some Rs. 5.


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