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Palode Botanical Garden
Place : Ponmudi
Location : Trivandrum
Last Updated : Jan 11, 2013 04:43:10 PM
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Behind every monumental achievements there is a visionary: The saga of TBGRI also speaks the same story.


Prof. A. Abraham, a visionary and a great Botanist, conceived the idea of establishing a Botanic Garden and Research Institute to study and conserve the rare and vanishing wild plant genetic resources of the country.

The journey is to no where other than to the heart of trees, plants and flowers. This exotic destination is located in a place known as Palode in Thiruvananthapuram district. This is a famous research institute as well as a botanical garden of India. Then you mask, What is the relation between tourism and research? But the answer is very interesting. This institute is a perfect place for those who love nature and its components. This man made natural beauty will surely impress you.


This botanical garden is exclusively known for its splendouring man made forest beauty. There is forest here, also we can see many trees together which we never seen yet. Chittar river is flowing around the garden, we can see some colorful cactus, some good medicinal plants, bunches of Orchids, herbarium made of plants etc. This will be tour in search of knowledge.


You can see a plant stump which has been transformed in to a stone on the way. It is a fossil of about 20-22 thousand years of oldness. This fossil has been imported to this botanical garden from Thiruvakkare fossil garden in Tamilnadu. There are also gardens for medicinal plants. We can see some rare plants which we mostly hear, but not seen. You can also see the garden with big Banyan trees as well as Bonsai plants.


The other side of the garden is having a peaceful stream. This small stream is a part of the river Chittar. The surroundings of this river is covered by 55 acres of forests and a waterfall also near by. The stream is also having its Gain Water Lilly, which possess the world’s biggest leaf. We can also see some insectivorous plants here. Another charming feature of this botanical garden is its variety of Orchids. There are almost 600 varieties of Orchids found here. Category of Orchids starts from the beautiful Tiger Orchids to some other unnamed species.


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Varieties of flowers inside the gardens
Gaint water lillies
Varieties of flowers inside the gardens
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