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Mattancherry Synagogue
Place : Fort Kochi
Location : Kochi
Last Updated : Jan 10, 2013 04:31:42 PM
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The Paradesi Synagogue is the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations.It was built in 1568 by the Malabar Yehudan people or Cochin Jewish community in the Kingdom of Cochin.


Mid-18th century hand-painted, willow patterned floor tiles from Canton in China, a clock tower, Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs, great scrolls of the Old Testament, ancient scripts on copper plates in which the grants of privilege made by the erstwhile Cochin rulers were recorded etc., are articles of interest here.


The area around the synagogue is a centre of spice trade and curio shops.




Inside the Synagogue
Inside the Synagogue
Jewish Inscription
Inside the Synagogue
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