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Sweet Meat Street / Mithai Theruvu
Place : Calicut
Location : Kozhikkode
Last Updated : Jan 10, 2013 04:28:59 PM
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S.M. Street is a buzzing shopping and commercial lane immediately north of Mananchira Square. The name Sweetmeat is thought to have been derived from a kind of sweet (locally called 'Halwa') which was called 'Sweetmeat' by European traders.


S.M. street, like the lanes of Veliyangadi, is about 600 years old and was most likely occupied by the residences and shops of sweet manufacturers from Gujarath. The street has many brand outlets as well as many local merchandise. It is truely a shopping centre for one and all.




Sweet Meat Street
Sweet Meat Street
Sweet Meat Street
Sweet Meat (Halwa)
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