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Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Place : Calicut
Location : Malappuram
Last Updated : Jan 10, 2013 04:27:57 PM
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From a distance, it seems clusters of pearls, shining brightly under the Sun. And as you near them, they seem to be bubbling with life. And once they sense your presence they go airborne, in patterns and movements as if responding to a symphony concert.


This is Kadalundi, which was recently declared as a Bird Sanctuary; located 19 km from Kozhikode. The sanctuary encompasses an area around the estuary where the River Kadalundi meets the Arabian Sea. A large variety of native birds as well as migratory ones can be found at Kadalundi. Some of them include Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sandpipers, Whimbrels, Brahmini Kites, Cormorants etc. It is truly a delight for birdwatchers to be there especially during the period between November and April, when the avian world takes centre stage.




Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
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