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Silent Valley National Park
Place : Palakkad
Location : Palakkad
Last Updated : Dec 24, 2012 11:21:20 AM
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The Silent Valley National Park is a unique preserve of natural rainforests. Within an area of 237. 52, it houses a rich mosaic of varied habitats. Out of these springs the amazing variety of life forms some of them endemic to the Western Ghats.

The Valley exudes a quite grandeur, a mystery half revealed and half concealed that is part of a story older than mankind, for this rainforest probably dates back to 50 million years. Silently she beckons us to witness the marvelous exuberance of life that expresses itself in an incredible chaos of plants and animals and birds and insects. At the heart of her many songs is a still, deep silence which only those who tread softly and wait patiently may learn to hear. 


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