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Place : Trivandrum
Location : Trivandrum
Last Updated : Dec 31, 2012 10:29:18 AM
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Kallar, located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, is a favourite hot spot for picnickers. It is situated en route to Ponmudi. Kallar gets its name from the River Kallar, which flows through the region. The main attractions are the Golden Valley, and the Meenmutti waterfall.


Vistors can enjoy a cool dip in the crystal clear waters of the Golden Valley. The valley is easily accessible from the main road. The adventurous ones, can opt for trekking and bird watching. A narrow track, starting from the right side of the Kallar Bridge, will lead to a medium sized, but captivating waterfall, known as Meenmutty. The waterfall is situated 3-4 km from the main road. The walk to the waterfall is a feast to your eyes. You would come across many species of butterflies and birds. The forest here is mostly tropical in nature, and during the rainy season, one has to be on the alert for leeches.


Getting there:-

It is located 60 km from Trivandrum city and 40 km from Nedumangadu Town. Ideal route would be Peroorkada – Nedumangad – Kallar. You can either catch a bus to Ponmudi and get down at Kallar or take a cab and enjoy the long ride.

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