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Kurisumala Ashram
Place : Vagamon
Location : Kottayam
Last Updated : Dec 14, 2012 12:22:17 PM
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The Kurisumala Ashram, located right at the heart of the Sahyadri Mountains combines Christian beliefs with Indian spiritual thought. The monastery, founded by a Belgian Cistercian Francis Acharya, is most known for its serene and calm atmosphere. The monks here lead an austere life of chastity and silence, spending their time in manual labour and meditation. Production of milk and honey is their means of livelihood. The honey is collected from the rock clusters among which beehives are to be found in plenty. The cows bred by the monks yield around 1500 litres of milk a day. The ‘Resurrection Garden’ the highest point of the hills, is used by the monks for meditation. All are welcome to come and spend a few days in the Ashram, provided they adhere to the rules. Visitors to the Ashram often describe the experience as divine and ‘out of the world.’

Contact Details:

Kurisumala Ashram

Vagamon P.O.

Kottayam Dt.,   685 503

Kerala South India  

Tel. 0091 - 4822 - 289277,  289477  



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