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Krishnapuram Palace
Place : Alappuzha
Location : Alappuzha
Last Updated : Dec 31, 2012 05:08:34 PM
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Krishnapuram Palace, located at a distance of 47 km from Alleppey, is one of the famous palaces of Kayamkulam. Built during the reign of a Travancore King, Marthanda Varma, the palace dates back to 18th century. The palace is famed for its characteristic style of Kerala architectural features, which include narrow corridors, gabled roofs, pent roofs and dormer windows. Famed for its mural paintings and architecture, the major attraction of this palace is that it houses one of the biggest mural paintings in entire Kerala. Known as the Gajendra Moksha, this mural painting has an area of around 53 sq.ft. In addition, there is a museum also located within the palace. The museum houses bronzes, stone, wood sculptures, coins, megalithic remains and copies of mural paintings.

Some of the other items that are showcased in this museum include stone inscription along with several historically and archaeologically important items protected & preserved.



Krishnapuram Palace
Gajendra moksham
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