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Dangerous Condition of NSS College Rd.

As I am a student going to the college in two wheeler, I know very well the hardship while travelling through the road. The road is full of gutters. Chances of accidents are very high in this road. Moreover, during rainy season, it is very difficult to differentiate the road from gutters. Also the water is polluted and various water spread diseases are affecting us. People find it difficult to travel through the road during rains. Our college authorities consulted many VIPs to seek solution to the problem, but, favourable decisions are not coming from them. In short, we, the students as well as pedestrians are suffering much hardship. Good roads are the right of every citizen especially students. But we are lacking it here. No person is coming forward to maintain the road in a good condition. It will become a blessing to us if the road is well maintained. But I don't know why people are not taking interest to build the road? I hope that by reading this write-up, someone would take immediate steps to rebuild the road.

Posted By : Aiswarya.Chithambaram, On Oct 12, 2014 09:58:51 AM
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