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Foot path

Footpath around the Fort is being built. but the vehicles are parked on the footpath even before they are built and it is a pitable sight at Thekkekota and Sreevaraham jn the old brahmins running for life or waiting till eternity to cross the roads. The footpath that is under construction have already been reserved by car owners near the fort wall. I am afraid that when the road is open after widening, the old people will have to stop visiting Padmanabha swamy as they are not given respect that is given even to the animals crossing the roads. The vehicular traffic will increase manifold. Nobody seem to have put in any thoughts to this. I feel that the footpath should have garden plants and trees so that there will be walkable way. The junctions should have volunteers or policeladies to help the old people. I hope that some thoughts would be given by the Puthentheruvu / Sreevaraham public to this issue.

Posted By : Prashant, On May 15, 2011 08:10:17 PM
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