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KERALA no TRIVANDRUM is going to loose biggest development.wat yentha s doing? nothing.they r interested in making money.wat politicians doing?dey r also doing nothing.dey r behind der chairs.lastly environment ministry had rejected vizhinjam project by saying that kolachel near to kanyakumari will be developed instead of vizhinjam.vizhinjam s the only ancient nature deep water port in india.wy our politicinas are not able to get des type of developments to kerala.Is they r not favaourable to trivandrum?Dey dont wanna to develop trivandrum.trivandrum people we should do anything against dis decision of environmental ministry.all keralas developments are blocked by tamilnadu.railway zone vizhinjam port,like many all trivandrum people vizhinjam is for our trivandrum

Posted By : SARAVANA GANESH, On Mar 31, 2011 06:58:21 PM
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Mr Saravana Ganesh... Are you from Trivandrum ? If so better you should have used the title "Shame on all of us " btw, though i support the title ;)better pls don't blame on others for our incapability :D
Dukes, on Apr 12, 2011 02:32:00 PM
I agree with you.Unite...all TVM people for our Viahinjam project.Politicians are only interested in their seats.No politician will ever speak for TVM.
Rajesh Mohan, on Apr 27, 2011 06:20:06 PM
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