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Mango Festival
I went to see the Mango Festival in Kanakakunnu Palace yesterday. I was surprised that there was : 1) a Rs. 10/- entrance fee 2) A small enclosure for mangoes and the rest for unnecessary consumer products ( cheap stuff) through which one is forced to walk to get out of the enclosure 3) Last but not the least I missed Kerala mangoes like killichundan and other varieties. Why is it that when we have any festival, we do not give a boost to what grows ( or used to grow) in Kerala and run after things from other states thus sending all our money to support farmers elsewhere and not our own farmers. This trend needs to change. Our farmers, artisans and craftspeople should be given all the support to grow/ manufacture quality products which can then get both a local as well as national/ international market. Thanks Asha Gopinathan
Posted By : Asha Gopinathan, On Jun 20, 2011 08:50:32 AM
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nice report Asha Gopinathan. |The name "mango festival" is just to attract people. treat it just like an event name:) you saw at least few mangoes there along with other cheap products. don't expect more from such cheating festivals.
Sunil Ibrahim, on Nov 11, 2011 10:21:26 PM
But this sort of cheating the public should stop.. or be stopped by the authorities..
Jomy, on Apr 14, 2012 03:14:20 AM
Dear Madam, I sympathise with your late realisation. Tens of thousands of local magotrees were cut when thousands of acares of land was acquired, and cleared to construct concrete buildings for private companies at throw away price in technopark. The benefit projected is 3 lakh employments; but information obtained through RTI shows that so far (during the past 9-10 yrs), hardly 29,000 jobs were given. But authorities could not confirm if these are new jobs or jobs given against posts vacated by employees or promotions made on the same post. You will soon see that we may have to wait for Trucks to come with coconuts from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu before we offer coconut to Ganesh temples. Thus much for economic development and poverty alleviation
Prof (Dr) Rama Kumar,V., on Apr 17, 2012 12:12:53 PM
why depend on other states at all? grow the trees and vegetables in our own some healthy fruits your own farmer...
Kapil Sreedhar, on Sep 13, 2012 06:27:07 PM
I attended the mango festival this year ( 2014), three years after I have written the above post and find the entrance fee is Rs.20/-. However did see more of local farmers and local varieties- killichundan, moovandan, ten varikkai, mylapoo and so on. That is really heartening.
Asha Gopinathan , on May 14, 2014 09:07:11 PM
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