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Neighbour menace

My neighbours family is well educated and employed. But they dont care about the inconvenience of others. Recently they have made an outlet in the compound wall towards road. All the wash water including car cleaning water flows on the road and it enters through the gate into my house which is next to them and at low level. This guy is looking at it and never bothers. The other people who are residing nearby do not oppose because they are not affected. what is the solution

Posted By : Gururajan, On Mar 23, 2011 05:12:28 PM
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Better to inform him about this
Ganesh, on Mar 24, 2011 01:04:41 PM
If the person doesn't care to rectify it, easiest but enethical solution would be to divert the water towards the center of the road, then you will get support from people down the road :-).
Shyam, on Mar 29, 2011 04:10:34 PM
unethical (correction)
Shyam, on Mar 29, 2011 04:11:41 PM
tender a complaint with the local governing body (corporation/panchayat)
Geez, on Apr 01, 2011 02:32:11 PM
In such cases, most often we are reluctant to bring it directly to the notice of the careless neighbour. In fact we dont want to antagonize him and still want a recourse to the problem!That is why there is no mention of ' was brought to his notice,but does nothing'.Hope now 'yentha' will induce him to relent.
T.K.Suresh Babu, on Apr 07, 2011 02:00:40 PM
You are lucky as compared to me. The neighbor who uses our property as a passage to their house washes the excreta of their Alsatian dog and the rest of the filth into our gate way irrespective of the court order and so many cases both civil & criminal. The authorities never bothered to solve the problem. Political interference prevents justice to be implemented. The complaint was lodged right from the superior officer of my neighbor's office (Southern Air Force Commandant @ Akkulam) to the High court of Kerala. Denial of justice is what till date we have experienced! So fight it out till you win. All the best.
Dileep, on Jun 10, 2011 03:35:37 AM
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