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To improve Trivandrum

we can improve our look of road by giving yellow border lines and black on white zebra lines.but maximum our roads are marked with white only.and next our trivandrum central railway stations painting looks like as it was not painted since it is made.its look can be improved by giving some other colour in place of ash colour which should be dark in nature ex pinkish red and the white should as it was

Posted By : SARAVANA GANESH, On Apr 20, 2011 07:16:11 PM
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Painting alone will not improve the beauty of Trivandrum. The msot critical factor is cleanliness and orientation from our Govt. to keep the city clean.Our politicians are only fond of 'trying to build roads' . Honestly, even if the roads are constructed , there is no strategy to keep it clean and maintain it properly. Most of the roads do not have dividers and footpaths which ultimaley leads to encroachment.In places like Bangalore,Hyderabad .... vaccum cleaning machines are run over the entire road stretch every day morning to suck out the sand which accumulates at the sides of the road which is the major cause for tar erosion and the 4 laners becoming single laners.Similarly, lot of planning has to be put in if the city has to become THE CITY.
Praveen T S , on Jul 22, 2011 02:49:55 PM
Yes, it's very important to ensure that our city is squeaky clean and certainly the Government Municipality has a major responsibility. But we as citizens also have a responsibility to keep our city clean. Whether it is just a sweet wrapper or a used bus ticket, why do people think that they can just drop it at the very spot they standing in? People stand at wayside vendor stalls, drink tea in paper cups and then just throw it there and walk away. Can we not inculcate basic civic sense among ourselves instead of holding the government responsible for it? Just look at the road that leads to the airport/Shanghmugham. Both sides are just littered with garbage heaped there by the local community. This encourages stray dogs to make their presence felt. If each household just took care of their own garbage disposal, this would be a clean city. Let's work together on advocating a garbage-free environment.
Sylvia Francis, on Nov 06, 2011 05:42:26 PM
Why dont we do a pilot of taking a section of the road, maintain that piece keeping it clean, tidy, beautify etc and show case what a small group can do? Commercialize it if we want to, but meet the purpose. Based on that, we can come up with suggested guidelines on what should a group follow by default if they are interested to do something similar. I believe this is done prety well in business oriented cities like Ernakulam..
Manesh, on Jun 05, 2012 02:40:23 PM
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