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Vattiyoorkav Jn.
Eventhough nature gave us few dry days from June 1, onwards the authorities concerned have not done anything to repair the roads in the Jn. which were dug up several times for laying water pipe lines. It is a pity that the roads are not made motorable before the onset of the monsoon. This junction is very busy most of the time but very difficult to traverse during peak hours as thousands of vehicles pass this way a day. Still authorities have not given due care to look after the roads. The case of the road from Mannarakonam to Nettayam is also very very bad and not at all motorable. the digging work for laying pipelines started two and half years ago and still there is no sign of relief for the people staying in this area. Hundreds of vehicles pass this way an hour but authorities are yet to show some consideration. I hope things will be taken care of before the monsoon starts in its full swing.
Posted By : Jayaprakash PK, On Jun 06, 2010 06:08:28 PM
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