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Vehicle Parking
It is a good thank that the government is improving the roads, but don't they look at the basic need for example a place to park vehicles. Often most of the time we just park it somewhere near the payment, and just leave the vehicle there, sometimes we get a fine sticker most of the times we dont. It would have been better for the government to provide ample parking slots such that it can improvise the road traffic flow and also make parking more disciplined.
Posted By : Jairam Ramesh, On Jun 11, 2010 06:04:16 PM
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Well I agree with u, but the govt. also provided few parking slots around palayam. No: of vehicles are increasing day by day, so we should adjust with the fact that its impossible to create a parking slot with in a blink of an eye. I think we should create a list of places where parking slots can be made, put a vote on it, submit it through the right channel, but I prefer news paper and news channels (eg: metro manorma, acv news) rather than what i have mentioned earlier about the right channel. Anyways Vehicle Parking is one big of a hell in this city :)
Vivek Revi, on Jun 17, 2010 01:16:02 AM
Yes, its right. Parking is a big problem for everyone who owns a four wheeler in this capital city. People think twice before heading down town on to get their need done because they are concerned about their car which should be parked in the side of the road which is not at all safe when it is very close to vehicles moving on those roads. Why don't the Govt think about building a multi storied building which could be used just for parking cars and that could capable of accommodating 150 to 200 cars at a time? Let them charge the users on an hourly basis just like it is been done in other countries. And then charge the people who park the cars on the side of the roads.
Thomas Cherian, on Jul 07, 2010 10:44:04 AM
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