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xenon lights
xenon lights r been banned by d traffic police thn y d hell d skoda autos gives it as inbuilt meanwhile the ministers are using it y d hell d police excuse dem?
Posted By : RAKESH RAJ, On May 31, 2010 11:36:34 PM
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Absolutely valid ... wonder why the Ministers' cars sport them ?... aren't they using Ambassadors anymore? The CM is.
Raman V, on Jun 03, 2010 10:20:34 PM
Its very sad when it comes to traffic rules in our country, everyone breaks the rule but its not there hobby though for some are. Air-Horn another such a nasty thing, Already banned, but its still going on in this city. I think we should create a topic to post vehicle-numbers which creates such annoying mistakes like usage of xenon-lights, air-horns, stylised number plates, smoky-vehicles, muffler-vehicles,etc . Hoping the topic also should be posted as anonymously so that the owner of that vehicle wont be able to track us in a easy way. But if they want to they can you know, but in a long process :D
Vivek Revi, on Jun 17, 2010 01:50:31 AM
the thing is there is the kelvin limit for all these xenon and hid's...the more the kelvin[k-the heat produced]the more the light turns blue thn violet and thn green too..skoda's light comes under the indian norms which is off 12000k and doesnt cause much harm the after market spares are the one that might pose a problem..indian norms are pretty strict that too for a foreign brand
Rohith Suresh, on Jul 26, 2010 11:47:34 PM
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