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Cockroach infestation Ambrosia

Many restaurants in the city, including top class and popular places are harbouring cockroaches because of poor disposal of food waste.This is a major risk to the health of people who eat in these restaurants. The residences above these places are badly infested, but people are worried to speak out because they are frightened of repercussions. There are photographs of cockroaches running around food areas in these places. It is time that public health officials did a proper inspection of restaurants. All citizens of the city should name and shame the places so that there is proper food waste disposal especially when these restaurants are close to dense residential areas such as blocks of flats. If the city wishes to encourage tourism, food safety and restaurant hygeine are a must.

Posted By : Susan Matthai, On Mar 15, 2014 09:23:11 PM
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I had been in touch with most of the food outlets.The kitchen ,which is usually the heart of the hotel is not maintained properly.Most of the hotels do not have a proper storage facility and the chillers/freezers are not maintained.The meat stored inside them will definitely contaminated and no one is bothered about this.The restaurant /hotels do not have proper pest control system and frequent contamination of food happens.The employees employed in these outlets ,working condition is pathetic and healt and hygiene is always compromised in their cases.STOP CONSUMING IN A HOTEL WOULD BE THE BEST MANTRA today
Rajnarayan, on Apr 09, 2014 12:10:25 PM
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