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Connemara Market

No where except Kerala do people have such a sense of shame of their past and what is authentically theirs. Have you seen Chandni Chowk in Delhi or Russell Market in Bangalore being broken down to build shopping malls ? What about the souks in Egypt or the grand Victorian market in Melbourne ? No. These form the heart of each of these cities and are loved because of that. Any move to pull it apart would create a hue and cry. But what about Trivandrum. Many pavement vendors are being routinely harassed by police now in the Chalai, Pazhavangadi and Palayam area. This is the beginning of the "cleaning up" operation. Remove them, seize the pavements, bring in the developers and build some malls. Fill it with expensive consumer goods and voila - we too are developed now. Shame on the Mayor of Trivandrum who professes to be from the LDF to promote such activity. It would be nice if Yentha carried out a full fledged investigative report and told us who is behind this move - the land mafia, the big developers , the corporates ? And all of us opposing this should go on a fast in front of Palayam and Chalai ( as that will be next ). In my opinion, they should be left as they are with amenities provided for the vendors - bathrooms for instance, make it more disabled and senior citizen friendly and Do NOT ALLOW vehicular traffic in these areas. Then the old charm of Trivandrum will surely return.

Posted By : Asha Gopinathan, On Oct 04, 2011 09:11:27 AM
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The gateway to the market is the only thing from the past which is now present there.They can keep this gateway and change the rest to better.
Deepu, on Oct 05, 2011 08:13:19 AM
The shops can be changed to similaer to the facelift we had at eastfort few years back. +for Chala.. it should not be touched.
Deepu, on Oct 05, 2011 08:19:17 AM
It's a shame that old heritage buildings in Trivandrum are slowly going to be replaced by malls so that the youth can then "hang out". I'm all for the fast, just tell me when. Only don't bring in the Anna Hazare Team for this ... lol!
Sylvia Francis, on Nov 06, 2011 10:54:49 AM
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