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Edapazhanji Junction

Edapazhanji junction has become a major bottle neck in the city. The junction needs to be widened immediately as there is plenty of space to widen it. There is at present no median, so motorists jump lanes and signals at the first opportunity. School and College buses often block the road while negotiating the junction & while turning thus putting other road users at risk. Can the Authorities in charge not widen this junction? Edapazhanji junction caters to hospitals, vegetable markets, marriage halls and many schools,department stores,auto workshops etc apart from residential colonies.

Posted By : N.nandakumar, On Jan 26, 2012 06:03:12 PM
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I do agree to this sugession.... unscientific singal system their is an another reason 4 huge traffic block especially during peak hours
Anand.V, on Feb 29, 2012 10:27:12 PM
Edapazhanji Thirumalai, Kattakkada Ourootambalam can be free of all congestion if a fly over starting from Vazhuthacaud (SMC Junction via Thirumala/ Thrikkannapuram to Pongum moodu or ouroottambalam can be constructed. This can be a forerunner of flyover for better/ optimal land use in Trivandrum which is full of congestion, flooding and accidents. A ten Km fly over can be made with Rs. 500 crores which will be cheaper, sustainable, maintainable and short. Iy can sand on one or two 6ft dia pillars and can cary, pipeline, drainage, cable, telephone lines or even a mono rail. Calculate the cost of accidents, loss of time property and treatment,water logging causing mud splashes, energy saving by 7 Km each day by thousands of public and private cars, time saved, safer life, sacurity of children when man and wife reaches home early, man hours saved for more constructive jobs. Above all it will save millions in terms of regular road cutting, sunken roads, broken bones and surer path ways thatneed minimal maintenance. of course there will be less opportunity for road cutters, petty jobs, NREG grass cutting. But cows goats and buffaloes would be happy that they get some grass on common property, less of water hole filled, coconut trees cut and paddy fileds filled. Smuggling would be more cumbersome.
Prof (Dr.) Ramakumar,V, on Apr 17, 2012 11:43:50 AM
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