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Kesavadasapuram-Nalanchira road widening, Cutting down all trees

General public are aware of the things happening around Nalanchira due to the widening of road from Keshavadasapuram to Nalachira. I would like to bring in into notice which is happening in the shadow of these issues. On both sides of this road there were so many trees which are 15-30years old, the responsible authorities didn’t took any action to conserve at a least a few which can be and cutting down all the trees. There is also no plan to provide space for plating new trees for the ones which they are cutting down, where space is available. The last huge tree which can be conserved is in front of vazhapillethu hall, situated at College steps. If preserved this tree won’t create any hindrance to vehicles and will stands beside to the new proposed bus stand. Which will be a great relief for students (from MarIvanious college, St’ Johns school, Sarvodhaya school, many more institutions) and other people going to take bus from there from the burning heat yet to come.

Posted By : Sujith, On Dec 06, 2010 11:35:29 PM
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Why can't these trees be uprooted and planted back after road widening.In Gujarat ,Larsen has done it with about 75 % success rate.
Pratap, on Dec 15, 2011 11:20:08 PM
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